How to Prepare Your Recyclables

Preparing Your Recyclables

The quality of materials is a fundamental element of recycling. To make material processing efficient and cost-effective, please observe the following instructions or view the Flood Brothers Recycling Flier.


  • Please flatten cardboard boxes flattened into no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet pieces.

Mixed Food & Beverage Containers

  • Clean aluminum foil and pie tins before recycling.
  • Remove and discard all lids from all bottles and jars.
  • Rinse all glass, metal, and plastic bottles, cans, and jars before recycling.
  • Toys and bottles contaminated with motor oil or hazardous chemicals are not acceptable.


  • Place the newspaper loosely on the bottom of the bin.
  • Please don't bundle the newspaper.

View examples of acceptable recyclable items.

How to Load Your Bin

  • Place lightweight plastic items and papers at the bottom of your bin so they won't blow away. Please do not wrap papers in plastic bags.
  • Please make sure all containers have been rinsed clean; continue to discard caps and lids.
  • Remember to flatten as many items as possible.

Any nonrecyclable materials will be left at the curb.