Liquor Licensing

The Village President serves as the Liquor Commissioner and is assisted in this function by the Liquor Commission. The sale, service, and consumption of alcohol is closely regulated in the Village of La Grange.

Liquor Code & Requirements

Potential applicants for liquor license should read and be familiar with the Village’s Liquor Code (PDF) in order to acquaint themselves with the requirements and responsibilities of applying for and maintaining a liquor license. A list of liquor license categories and fees are outlined in the code.

Application Process

An Application for Liquor License (PDF) must be completely filled out and returned to the office of the Village Manager at 53 S. La Grange Road, La Grange, IL 60525. The Application includes a checklist outlining the steps necessary to complete the process and information required to be submitted before a Public Hearing of the Liquor Commission will be scheduled. After a complete application is received, it typically takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete the approval process.

Additional Licensing

An eligible business interested in applying for a Class E Business Single Event License (PDF) must fill out and return the license to the Village in advance of the proposed event. No more than four Class E licenses may be issued to a business in any 12-month period. Please review the license provisions in detail and contact the Village with questions in advance of the proposed event.

For more information regarding the Liquor License process, please contact the Village Manager’s office at (708) 579-2313.