Cross Connection Control Program

Cross Connection

Every day, the Village of La Grange proudly supplies approximately 2 million gallons of potable water to its residents; water that exceeds the requirements of the EPA. Before the water is pumped to your home or business, it has gone through careful treatment and numerous tests to ensure its quality.

In 1974 Congress established the Safe Drinking Water Act (SWDA) to protect human health from contaminants in drinking water and to prevent contamination of existing groundwater supplies. This act and its amendments (1986 & 1996) require many actions to protect drinking water and its sources. One of the actions is the installation and maintenance of an approved backflow prevention assembly at the water service connection where a potential hazard is determined to exist in the customer's system. Without proper protection devices, cross-connections can occur, causing potentially dangerous situations.

The State of Illinois and Village have established laws consistent with the federal requirements. The Village's ordinance for cross-connection control can be found here: View Ordinance (PDF)

The Village has contracted with Aqua Backflow of Elgin, IL to manage the Village's Cross Connection Control Program. Any water customer that requires a backflow device on their property is required to test their backflow prevention devices and submit these results to Aqua Backflow. Submit test results for a backflow device.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) requires that all water suppliers in the State of Illinois have an effective Cross Connection Control/Backflow Prevention Program.  The purpose of the program is to protect public health and to protect our public water supply by preventing backflow of contaminants back into the public water system.  Complete a backflow prevention survey.

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