Sewer Lining/Rehabilitation Project

Project Overview

The Village owns and maintains approximately 360,000 lineal feet of the sanitary, storm and combined sewers. The life expectancy of a sewer can vary, but a conservative estimate is that the useful life of a sewer is 100 years. Therefore a rehabilitation program to repair, replace, and/or rehabilitate the existing infrastructure is required to maintain the functionality of the existing system.

The Village's 2018 Sewer Lining/Rehabilitation Project is planned to start in November 2018 and is scheduled to be completed by March 2019. The Village will be repairing sewers by utilizing a process called cured-in-place pipelining. This method of sewer rehabilitation will provide a new pipe within the existing pipe and does not require traditional open trench excavation methods. In some areas, spot sewer repairs that require excavation will be required prior to lining. The contract for this project was awarded to Insituform Technologies USA, LLC.

Please click on the following links for maps of the sewers included in the 2018 Sewer Lining / Rehabilitation Project: 

Construction Notices

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