FY2019-20 Roadway Resurfacing Program

Project Overview

The purpose of the Neighborhood Resurfacing Program is to plan for the routine resurfacing and repair of neighborhood streets on a defined schedule. In 2011, the first street condition survey was completed. The purpose of this engineering analysis was to provide an analytical assessment of pavement conditions, identify repairs based on the observed conditions, and develop a list of recommended improvements with associated costs. A key element of the plan was to conduct a new survey on a five-year interval in order to document existing conditions, assess the overall condition of Village streets, estimate repair costs and make updated recommendations for improvement based on current conditions.

Based on the 2016 street condition survey and available funding, streets included in the Fiscal Year 2019 to 20 resurfacing program include the following:

  • Blackstone Avenue from Cossitt Avenue to 47th Street
  • Ashland Avenue from Harris Avenue to 47th Street

Construction Notice

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