Commitment to Community

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Commitment to Community

The Village of La Grange and the La Grange Police Department have a commitment to serving every member of our community with integrity, professionalism and equity – no matter their race, religion, orientation or housing status. We are a community of families, neighbors and friends that care for each other, regardless of our differences. 

For decades, the Village and Police Department have worked in partnership with the La Grange CommUNITY Diversity Group (LINK) to discuss opportunities to strengthen community relationships, and enhance awareness that all humanity belongs to one family, to fight prejudice wherever it is found, and to assure that all persons have equal opportunities regardless of their race. Each year, the La Grange Village Board passes a Proclamation (PDF) affirming these tenets and supporting the annual Race Unity Rally which is held each September at the La Grange Village Hall.

In August of 2018, the La Grange Police Department adopted the 10-Shared Principles (LINK) which provides a framework for the relationship between law enforcement and the communities and people they serve. This document was created through a collaborative effort with the Illinois Chiefs of Police Association and the Illinois NAACP State Conference and characterizes the La Grange Police Department’s shared values.  A video also explains the 10-Shared Principles and how they help build trust and relationships between law enforcement and the public. 

On August 23, 2021, an update regarding the Village's Commitment to the 10-Shared Principals was provided by the Police Chief.  

The Police Department also offers a Citizens Police Academy to help build relationships and share information regarding police activities and our community.

Commitment to Equitable Treatment

The La Grange Police Department reinforces our commitment to unbiased and fair policing through extensive and ongoing training. New police officers receive a minimum of 560 hours of basic law enforcement training by the time they graduate a police academy and then up to an additional 560 hours in a Field Training Program before they are able to be on their own for patrol duties.  All La Grange Police Officers are certified by the State of Illinois.

All La Grange Police Officers are required to train on policies and procedures monthly (and sometimes daily through on-line training bulletins). The Police Department logged 2,307 hours of training in 2019, an average of 192 hours per month. Over the past two years, the required training has included instruction on topics such as: cultural competency, constitutional rights, ethical and cultural awareness, civil rights, de-escalation and procedural justice. The La Grange Police Department has eight police officers who have completed extensive crisis training and are Crisis Intervention Certified. The Certification process includes specialized training to recognize and address individuals in the community who have a mental illness or other behavioral disability.

The Village subscribes to Lexipol, which provides state-specific policies for law enforcement that are legally defensible and continuously updated based on best practices. Police Officers are required to train on policies and procedures monthly and sometimes daily.  In 2019, all Police Officers trained 48 times through Lexipol just on the topic of Use of Force.

The Police Department also demonstrates our commitment to fair policing through formal policies. The Department has a policy (Policy 402) that strictly prohibits Bias-Based Policing and affirms the Department’s commitment to policing that is fair and objective. This policy requires every member of the Department to perform his/her duties in a fair and objective manner and be responsible for promptly reporting any suspected or known instances of bias-based actions by another Officer. Officers also should, when reasonable to do so, intervene to prevent any bias-based actions. The Department’s policy on Discriminatory Harassment (Policy 328) affirms our commitment to a safe work environment, free from discrimination. In December, 2020 the Department's policy regarding Use of Force (Policy 300) was certified by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police as required by the U.S. Department of Justice. 

Policy on Bias Based Policing (PDF)

Policy on Discriminatory Harassment (PDF)

Policies and Procedures FAQ (PDF)

Commitment to Diversity

The Village of La Grange is committed to developing a diverse and professional Police Department. Police Officers must undergo a statutory hiring process through the Board of Fire and Police Commission which results in the creation of a two-year eligibility list. The Police Department advertises the availability of testing processes through a company that specializes in public safety hiring via social media and on-line methods in order to reach as many potential candidates as possible.

The Police Officer recruitment and selection process is comprehensive and thorough. Several components of the process specifically screen for abusive behaviors, discrimination, or bias as follows: written application with references and acquaintances; written examination; oral interview questions specifically assessing diversity; polygraph examination; psychological examination; medical examination; and background check / investigation.

The Village of La Grange is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  As of June, 2020, the Village had 20% minority employees.  The La Grange Police Department has 25% minority sworn-officers and almost 21% females. Nationally, female officers comprise 12.6% of all police officers (source - link).  

Race and Hispanic Origin
All Village Employees
La Grange Police Department
La Grange Population
(2020 Census)
Asian alone
Black or African American alone5.00%
Hispanic or Latino