Water Main Breaks

Water main breaks can occur without warning and as a result of weather fluctuations. The Public Works Department will make necessary repairs as quickly and safety as possible, with the least disruption to residents and traffic.  

What to Do If You Think There is a Water Main Break

Residents play an important role in reporting routine breaks and water system concerns. An unusual loss of water pressure in your home may be a sign of a water main break. Another sign is bubbling water accumulating in the street or parkway.  The first step is to call the Public Works Department at (708) 579-2338.  After normal business hours and on weekends or holidays, please call the non-emergency dispatch line at (708) 215-3586.  Once the Village is notified, a crew is dispatched to investigate and assess the problem.

Repairing the Main

If a water main break is confirmed, a utility locate request will be submitted to J.U.L.I.E. and Public Works crews or contractors will begin the repair.  A J.U.L.I.E. locate may take several hours depending on other utilities that might be near the water main break. The scope of the repair varies depending on the severity of the break, and will require digging in the street or parkway.  If the leak is minor, it can sometimes be clamped and sealed without the need to shut off water. Most shutdowns affect a limited number of residents and are isolated to a single street or block.  Repairs can take several hours to complete.  

Notifying Residents

If the break requires a water shutdown to repair, the Public Works Department will go door-to-door to notify affected residents of the shutdown.  If your water service is interrupted or reduced, please check your front door for a Notice of Water Main Work door hanger.

Depending on the severity of the break and if the number of homes impacted is widespread, the Village may provide notification via the website, social media or other communications options.

Public Works crews provide updated information to LTACC, and residents can call (708) 215-3586 at any time.

When Water Service is Restored

When the repairs are completed, the water will be checked to ensure safe operation.  

During a water main break, residents in the affected and sometimes adjacent areas may experience sediment or discolored water during and following the repair.  The change in flow may cause sediment to appear in the water which is usually as a result of minerals.  The Village recommends that you run the cold water tap in the lowest location in your house until the water runs clear.